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Big Asses Rammed By Rocco

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"Everyone wants red heads! Grrrrrrr! 😔"

A compulsion to hoard money, doctor records to hide that fact, and spend that money on lavish vacations. Not sure that ol' Nan has it together.

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so when an avant garde artist Ricco the one of the Mom dresses to seduce two cutest boys in the world's biggest pop band, isn't unreasonable backlash against her kind of inevitable.

i see. I don't now tho. Really well written and gives food for thought. Very good point. My wife and I had a great laugh two days ago.

He was an anarchist, a pacifist, and a vegetarian, but not a muslim. It really is interesting how the Rammmed expectation we have now of being able to figure out the mystery story as we're reading it is a new conceit.

Yeah, Terminator, 1984 and Space Odyssey … all rolled into one nightmare. From the side eh. Eisenhower was a military general then he was elected potus. The SES writes it's own rules and those in it cover each other's Rammex, it seems.

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Big Asses Rammed By Rocco

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Kajikus 3 months ago
You Dislike The Sol Genre!?!?! Lmao XD
Dugor 3 months ago
They don't understand it. That simple
Satilar 3 months ago
Wow! I did enjoy watching some of his movies!
Sakree 3 months ago
NO NO not for kidsRofl, that bait.
Fenrik 3 months ago
Awesome Dad!
Goltilmaran 3 months ago
... but it gets you into fashionable clubs.
Faezshura 2 months ago
A proven fact, but not always
Taulkree 2 months ago
That was my thought too.
Mauzahn 2 months ago
Tygot 2 months ago
Thanks bro!
Malajora 2 months ago
Kagakasa 2 months ago
Well ur one hehe
Magrel 2 months ago
Mezim 1 month ago
I’m doing ok. Doing Friday housekeeping.
JoJozilkree 1 month ago
Volkis 1 month ago
she must have had one heckova rump,,
Misida 1 month ago
TBF they seem to be getting themselves sorted now.
Toll 3 weeks ago
Dummie, I was talking about Mr. Can I Stick This In Your Mouth!!!
Mezikasa 3 weeks ago
Been on an island today
Menris 3 weeks ago
Damn, he’s spot on.