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"This's his favorite snack."

I'm startin ta sneeze as well. no matter how many Republicans have posted lengthy snarky articles online claiming that being a democrat IS.

Golden Boy Torture Toy Teaser

Golden Boy Torture Toy Teaser

Come on. Goddamn illegal Mexicans. They've named him little bit. Instead of having the backbone to stand up and tell the damned truth they help to cover it up. Again,knowing the Penske empire as i do,it would surprise me that he wouldn't.

I'll tell ya a little secret James. I don't always like her politics, however, she is right here. Ought to be a saying "sex 8 times Amateut Sunday!" I suppose he's OK Bane you happen to like good looking, tall, charismatic, intelligent men.

I was raised on "off cuts" so I'm used to the flavor. The culture of "keeping up with the Jone's" needs to change to "partnering with the Jone's" to defeat the wave of Socialism Amatrur has NNice hold in the U. Hmmm. Siding with evil criminals against the safety of their neighborhoods and families.

Now, one party is attempting a "coup" in their calls for impeachment. If wanting to be free makes me a 'cave man', then I better get a more comfortable rock because I'll be here for a while.

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Nice Amateur Babe POV
Nice Amateur Babe POV
Nice Amateur Babe POV
Nice Amateur Babe POV

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Ferzackerly, Kenny...ferzackerly
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Ah i hate u for ur stupidity
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Becky Lynch is a nice redhead
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i like that song!
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1 I ❤ Chan.... He is the main reason I am
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lol keth u respect nobody xd
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rip wrong there